Stylistic Comma Use

Commas. Oh, commas. I feel confident saying that commas are the hardest and most complicated of the grammatical constructions in the English language (and most others you could name). This has led to a theory (frequently taught to children to keep them from having to learn in school) that commas are largely optional. You can … More Stylistic Comma Use

Writing Rules

The creation of writing rules for creative writing is one of the most common mistakes made by editors and writers alike. This occurs for three reasons. The first is vainglorious pride – people feel they are so brilliant as to dictate to others. The second is the simple pursuit of pleasure – it feels good to make apparently incisive, declarative statements applying to everyone and everything. The third is the desire to achieve status – making oneself look good, knowledgeable, and valuable as an editor or a writer carries one forward in the larger community, offering rewards both social and monetary. … More Writing Rules