References from previous clients, verbatim from the original sources. 

“Michael has been nothing short of a godsend. He has been incredibly helpful and patient with my language-based learning disability. My drafts are grammatical abominations, but he takes the time to not only polish them, but to try and help me learn and improve. He has done the copy and developmental edits on all of my published books across four different pen-names. Every time he has been efficient, polite, and above all determined to make sure my books are polished to the highest degree.

“His developmental editing is both thorough and knowledgeable, not only does he point out plot holes and problems in characterisation, but he also notes factual inaccuracies and helps improve fight logistics and the like. His copy editing takes my rather difficult style into account and maintains the voice of my narrators while fixing the copious grammatical errors present – which is no mean feat!

“I remain convinced that my books would not have made it into the top 5,000 on Amazon without his editing. He is by far the best editor I have had the pleasure of working with. I recommend him to all authors, particularly those writing speculative fiction or historical fiction.” Holly Evans.

“Long before I considered hiring a professional editor, I referred to Michael on Twitter for tips. His willingness to help with these little questions made him the obvious choice when I was ready to find an editor. He was patient and willing to work with my unpredictable schedule and budget.

“While he was reading, he did not hesitate to share his enthusiasm publicly. His notations were clear and easy to read. He was responsive and prompt when I had questions. He exceeded my expectations of a professional. I recommend him to any author seeking an editor. I’m planning a series spanning several books, and I intend to use him for all of them. ” Jette Harris


Michael is a fan­tas­tic edi­tor with excep­tional atten­tion to detail and excel­lent work ethic. I hired him to edit two of my projects and he sur­passed every expec­ta­tion I had. I truly enjoyed work­ing with him and look for­ward to using his ser­vices in the future.

Micheal is the tri­fecta of edi­tors: he is an excel­lent writer, a fas­tid­i­ous edi­tor, and a well-read aca­d­e­mic. He under­stands not just what I wrote but also what I intended to write. He offered me invalu­able advice and not just syn­tac­tic copy-editing. He went above and beyond what I asked for to give exam­ples and writ­ten feed­back on the over­all qual­ity and style of my writ­ing. He did all this in the agreed-upon time-frame and within the agreed-upon bud­get” Regis Wil­son


“I hired Michael to edit my novel and he surpassed every expectation I had. I truly enjoyed working with him and look forward to using his services in the future. My novels was approximately 40,000 words long and was in the hard science fiction genre. It contained well over 120 detailed and technical endnotes which was an incredible feat for anyone to research and document, much less edit!

“Not only does Michael pick up on errors, he picks up on subtle cues automatically. He will note, for example, ‘This word choice is not strictly correct, but I know that you are trying to accomplish . Maybe try or make clearer.’ All of his edits come with useful and valuable notes explaining why, what, how, etc.

“I never rejected a single edit that Michael proposed. Everything he spotted was incorrect or needed adjustment. I never needed to argue with his points. Even when I took a few minutes to consider whether to accept an individual edit or not, I knew deep down that he was right. As an author, I think that shows just how well he does his job: he goes past editing into outright teamwork to produce the best novel that is possible.

“I cannot recommend him highly enough to any author looking for the world’s best editor.” T. Pascal


“Michael worked for me as a copy/writer for sev­eral months. I really appre­ci­ated his con­sis­tent, pro­fes­sional work, and insight­ful com­ments.” Vojtech Novak


“Michael Keenan has edited sev­eral papers for me. Which have lead to awards and grants from my writ­ing and his edit­ing com­bined. He is extremely orga­nized, depend­able, works fast in last minute calls, truly knows his stuff, pays much atten­tion to detail, includes notes next to changes he has made, and he is also very tech savvy.

“He is very well rounded and intel­li­gent in many areas. He usu­ally has an idea on what one is writ­ing about and/or has some knowl­edge of the sub­ject. He is a very curi­ous and under­stand­ing per­son. He quickly grasps on your writ­ing tone and edits very flu­idly and cohe­sive with your writ­ing tone.” Con­nie Fitzpatrick


“Michael Keenan’s thor­ough edit­ing work greatly helped to improve two nov­els in my Prophecy Rock Series, includ­ing Gen­e­sis and Shad­ows of Kyrus. His atten­tion to detail, insight­ful com­ments, clear com­mu­ni­ca­tion, and quick turn­around made for an extremely pos­i­tive expe­ri­ence. I highly rec­om­mend Michael to any­one seek­ing a top-notch edi­tor. I look for­ward to hav­ing him edit my next novel.”  T. Sae-Low


“Michael is the sort of editor who will challenge an author until the work is as polished as possible. His grasp of the English language and his handle on character arcs, plot, and the craft of writing make him excel as an editor. Michael is a professional who holds high standards for himself and his clients. I highly recommend him for any author who is truly serious about improving their craft.”  A.J Maguire

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  1. I enjoyed your articles about how to write a page turner and the use of body language to convey character emotion. I am wondering if you are currently taking on new clients, and if so how far out you are booked. I am interested in knowing more about your copy editing services. Novel, fantasy, visionary. How much do you charge per word? Do you work using track changes? Do you do short sample editing? Average turn around? I appologize if this is the wrong forum, I searched the site and could not find a contact email for you.
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